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" I have suffered with continuous headaches for over 20 years, some of which lasted for 3 days or more and I was more or less resigned to the fact that I would have to put up with them for the rest of my days.

I find myself guilty of judging a book by its cover and in Chantal’s case this was a mistake. I made her aware at our first meeting that I was ‘anti doctor’ and highly sceptical of her chances of curing my headaches. However, she talked me into giving it a go and she was right. I have to say I am amazed!

This is an understatement really because just after 4 visits I have had only 2 headaches, only one of which was bad. I know that sounds a lot but in that time I would normally have suffered with a dozen or so.It has also helped my general mobility and has really improved my quality of life. Riding my bike has become a pleasure again and not a pain in the neck after 50 miles.

I really wish I had come to see Chantal sooner, it just shows that sometimes the answer is easier than you could possibly imagine.

I just want to say thank you. Somehow that does not seem enough but she really is a star! I will have no worries about recommending Chantal to my friends and hope she receives the recognition she deserves.She has my eternal respect and gratitude. "

Nick Killick

" I have always loved and played sport. Alas due to the passing of time I now only play golf so the exercise I take on the golf course is very precious to me. I have suffered from time to time with neck and back problems and recently my back was causing quite sharp pain and was threatening to ruin my games of golf. When I visited Chantal she soon told me from where the pain was coming and I started the first of four treatments. After the four treatment sessions my neck felt altogether more comfortable and I am now playing golf without any pain at all. Chantal adopts a totally honest approach to her work. She advised me that at least four sessions of treatment would be needed and that after the sessions my neck area could be a little sore. Four sessions did the trick and I am now enjoying my golf again. I have no hesitation in recommending Chantal to sports enthusiasts or to anyone with neck problems. "

Michael de St Croix

" Maddy is a nine year old Boxer and began to have difficulty walking, a common problem that effects Boxers at her age. However, after a course of treatments with Chantal she is more like her old self, acting like a much younger dog…even chasing squirrels again even though she can never catch them.
Maddy no longer needs her pain medication and we are very pleased with the considerable improvement in her health and general wellbeing after her course of treatment with Chantal. "

J.L & W.T. Fuller

" Thank you so much for the fantastic treatment you have given my horse Bobby. I had had a nasty fall following a succession of bucking sessions. One of my friends suggested that perhaps Bobby was bucking because he was in pain. When you first saw him you quickly identified where the problem was and his likely presentation in certain circumstances. You gave him three treatments over a period of a few weeks. At the end of the treatment I literally felt like I had a different horse. I called him fantastic elastic because he felt so flexible and willing, and guess what, the bucking had completely stopped. I will keep up regular maintenance treatments because I realise how important it is to keep his pelvis and back supple and flexible.   In my opinion your approach is a vital part of keeping my horse happy and going well.
Thank you. "


''Being a professional horse rider with many competition horses, I feel I can highly recommend Chantal prince at East Sussex Osteopaths, as she has been a god send treating myself and many of my horses that have come into Little London Stud. She has managed to fix me and prevent injury where other osteopaths have failed to. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending Chantal to my friends, family and clients. You will not be disappointed''

Emma Jeary


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